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Our Client wanted to increase visibility of their new Transport Management System (TMS) provider (BluJay) by developing centralized reporting. The goals were to:

  • Analyze and improve truckload usage for replenishment shipments to reduce internal freight costs.
  • Analyze Carrier compliance to awarded routes and reduce Slippage.
  • Ensure Customer compliance with weight bracket pricing allowance.
  • Improve visibility of the Cost to Serve.

Our Consultants were engaged to build the necessary data extracts using Informatica and to develop the reports through Tableau. The reports developed in Phase 1 revealed some shortcomings which was creating additional work for the Finance team in processing this data. As part of data validation activities, our Consultants identified gaps between payments & shipments from the source systems of BlueJay and SAP. SAP receives data with payment, shipment and other information. But it is neither CSV or fixed width file. The existing extract could not manage the variable lengths and often did not include the payment & shipment data needed for Enterprise Data Warehouse checks and balances.


Automation Of Data Extracts And Reporting Improves Accuracy