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Build LLM Applications in months weeks

Ready to deploy LLM Boilerplates for 90% faster build

Struggling to understand complex enterprise data systems?

Integrate with your Enterprise Data Warehouse or DataLake & start interacting with your data in natural language, understand the data domain and generate actionable insights realtime.

High-speed, realtime intelligence from Digital documents, Images or Web Links’ data, leveraging the power of LLMs.

Deploy LLM powered Agents, with the ability to provide intelligence on institutional knowledge from across your enterprise knowledge base!

LLM powered NLP agents to automate tasks, including post sales support, employee assistance, sales agent assistant etc.​

Increase your CSAT with fast query resolution, leveraging LLM powered support automation!

Unable to build ML-Powered decision making due to lack of training data? Generate highly accurate data, leveraging the power of LLMs, to increase the accuracy of your ML powered generation capabilities.​

Now automate Loans processing or Insurance Underwriting processing, with highly accurate data generated by LLMs!

Realtime, high accurate sentiment extraction & analysis for text & voice based systems!​

Get higher ROI on your customer support systems by understanding user sentiments & building custom workflows!

Build LLM for your Usecase in weeks!!

Plug & play a team of experts in Transformer models

Need help with semantic search? Working on model optimization? Deploying on AWS? From research to production, our experts can help you throughout your roadmap.

Implement the state-of-the-art for your use case

Use the latest machine learning architectures and techniques to get the best performance out of your models. Our expert guidance extends beyond the Hugging Face libraries and into any models you are using.

Optimize for production

Ensure optimal performance of your models to run inferences at scale, in real-time. Our expert team will help you make models smaller and faster with minimal impact on accuracy.

Faster go to market

Accelerate your business outcomes and decrease the time it takes to research, train, deploy and optimize machine learning solutions.

FAQs about Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs):

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI refers to artificial intelligence applications that can generate new content, ranging from text to images, sounds, and videos, by learning from a vast amount of existing data.

How do Large Language Models (LLMs) work?

LLMs analyze and learn from large datasets of text to understand language patterns, grammar, and context. They then use this knowledge to generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on input prompts.

How can Generative AI be used in business?

Performance is evaluated based on criteria like coherence, relevance, creativity, diversity of output, and accuracy (for factual content).

How do you evaluate the performance of Generative AI?

Performance is evaluated based on criteria like coherence, relevance, creativity, diversity of output, and accuracy (for factual content).