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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Trusted Advisor is an essential tool for organizations and businesses utilizing AWS resources. It helps users observe best practices across five distinct categories: cost optimization, performance, security, fault tolerance and service quotas. It conducts checks and offers detailed recommendations on how the AWS environment can be optimized.

Five Categories of AWS Trusted Advisor

Benefits of AWS Trusted Advisor

Cost Optimization

AWS can be cost-effective, but without proper management, users can end up paying for resources they don’t use. Trusted Advisor identifies opportunities to save money, such as:

  • Unused or underutilized EC2 instances.
  • Elastic Load Balancers without instances.
  • Unattached Elastic IP addresses.
  • Aged snapshots, which can be deleted if no longer needed.


Maximizing the performance of your applications on AWS is crucial. Trusted Advisor helps by:

  • Advising on optimizing Amazon RDS database instances.
  • Recommending provisioned IOPS for high-performance needs.
  • Identifying EC2 instances that are underutilized and can be downsized for better cost-to-performance ratio.


Keeping AWS resources secure is a top priority. Trusted Advisor assists by:

  • Identifying open ports on security groups that can be a security risk.
  • Detecting Amazon S3 buckets with public read or write permissions.
  • Recommending enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on root accounts.
  • Checking for IAM keys that haven’t been rotated in a long time.

Fault Tolerance

Ensuring high availability and redundancy is vital for critical applications. Trusted Advisor helps to:

  • Ensure that Amazon RDS databases have backups enabled and have multi-AZ deployments for failover support.
  • Check if Elastic Load Balancers are properly configured to distribute traffic.
  • Recommend deploying instances across multiple Availability Zones for higher availability.
  • Identify Amazon EBS volumes that aren’t backed up by snapshots.

Service Quotas

AWS sets default quotas on numerous services to prevent accidental over-provisioning, which might lead to service disruptions or unexpected charges. Trusted Advisor:

  • Monitors the usage of various AWS services against their associated quotas.
  • Notifies users if they are close to or have exceeded these quotas.

Additional Benefits of AWS Trusted Advisor

Integrated Dashboard: Trusted Advisor’s dashboard provides a consolidated view of all the checks and recommendations, categorized by their importance – Red for critical issues, Yellow for warnings, and Green for no issues. This allows AWS users to prioritize their actions effectively.

Automated Notifications: Users can configure AWS CloudWatch Events or SNS notifications based on Trusted Advisor’s findings. This means that when a potential issue or optimization is detected, the relevant parties can be alerted immediately.

Continuous Updates: As AWS evolves and introduces new services and best practices, Trusted Advisor continues to be updated. This ensures users always have up-to-date advice on optimizing their AWS environment.

Tips for Using AWS Trusted Advisor

Regularly Review Recommendations: Regularly review the recommendations provided by AWS Trusted Advisor, focusing on all five categories. Continuous assessment helps in maintaining an optimized AWS environment.

Automate Actions with AWS Lambda: Integrate AWS Lambda with Trusted Advisor to automate actions based on the recommendations, like stopping underutilized instances or enhancing security configurations, thus saving time and ensuring immediate compliance.

Maintain Security: Pay special attention to security-related recommendations. Implement suggested security measures such as enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and configuring appropriate security groups and Network ACLs to protect your AWS resources.


AWS Trusted Advisor acts as an ongoing audit tool, ensuring that businesses make the most of their AWS investment both in terms of cost and performance while maintaining security and high availability. Whether you’re new to AWS or have been using it for years, Trusted Advisor is a great companion to ensure your resources are optimized in the best way possible.

To further enhance this optimization journey, consider partnering with proSkale. We offer tailored strategies and support to complement the recommendations from AWS Trusted Advisor. Whether refining configurations, implementing best practices, or addressing specific challenges, proSkale ensures that organizations derive the maximum benefit from their AWS environments.

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