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On average, people spend 3 hours every day looking for information and IT employees usually spend more than half of their time searching for relevant data. Both the cost of resources and talent, not to mention the opportunity cost of capitalizing on timely decisions is stupendously high. The ROI for even an incremental solution that can actually be adopted and scaled would be monumental.

PWC analysis reads that 75% of companies that have fully embraced AI have seen an improvement in their decision-making

Gartner predicts that 33% of large organizations will have analytics practicing decision intelligence by 2023

McKinsey & Company notes that 57% of C-levels say that most of their decision-making time is used ineffectively

One incredibly simple solution that ensures adoption is AutoQL, a platform that democratizes data across your organization in a quicker and more intuitive way than self-service BI platforms do and provides better custom answers to your questions than chatbot platforms:

  • Self Service BI platforms give the user the power to create dashboards, but the users have to find the right data and match it, still back to the same time consuming issues.
  • Chatbots, or some of the so called “AI platforms”, have their answers already baked in and can’t read the user’s intent – not accurate enough, just more lipstick on a pig. 
  • AutoQL enables users to get incredible insights through a conversation-like interaction, while piecing together the most valuable data on-the-fly, based on the input

Implementation is as important as the solution

Our team helped a world leading apparel retailer implement the optimum tool for their specific business needs, in a quick and cost-effective way. Using AutoQL, our customer managed to:

  • Increase Productivity Gain by $70/hour for a fully loaded FTE.
  • Unlock $221 in additional revenue per productive hour.
  • Avoid cost by not using dedicated Data teams for custom reporting.
  • An immediate ROI of millions the first year- just in time savings, not to mention the business impact.

As your extended Solutions Center, we’re laser focused on scaling your digital transformation regardless of the delivery model, whether it’s an end-to-end solution, advisory or consulting. This flexible delivery model means that we’re here to pinpoint both your barriers to scaling and how to remove them optimally, regardless of technology, solution or service. This AutoQL implementation is an example of a narrow solution that was identified to have a transformative impact for the world’s leading apparel retailer.

See how you can transform self-service BI in a matter of days.

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