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Half of all analytics Teams report they are struggling attracting and retaining talent.  The skill pool is much smaller than the demand.  To build and deploy new analytic capabilities, many companies are poaching talent from each other. While this cycle of poaching is great for analytic talent, it does not solve the lack of resources or disruptions in resources that many companies experience.

Don’t fight the war for talent

It takes more resources to build an analytics capability than to operate that capability.  Let proSkale be your extended Solution Center.  We can build the analytic capabilities you need and turn it over to your team to operate.

Analytic talent shortage

The analytic talent shortage will continue for years.  Don’t fall behind your competitors’ analytic capabilities.  Don’t participate in the futile cycle of poaching talent.


extended solution center

From narrow automation solutions for migrations or cost monitoring to delivering an entire Modern Data Platform in Azure, see how we can partner for immediate ROI.

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